Building Relationships Through Volunteering

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risy Golden reflects upon how her volunteer experiences have helped her to meet her closest friends including other moms, expand her professional skills and help others. A member of Delaware County Chapter of Mothers & More , Krisy volunteers both nationally and with her local chapter.

Moving to a new city can be very hard, especially when you’re a mom and you don’t have a lot (or any) family around.  Some people would lean on their friends. However, I always found it hard to make friends as an adult. I’ve finally realized that many of the relationships I’ve developed were made through my volunteer experiences.

Long ago when I moved away to college, I was lucky to meet a group of locals during move-in day that became fast friends. They were funny, smart, and a good resource to have as I learned about my new city.  (Little did I know that one of these guys would end up being my husband.)

Half way through school, I wanted to seize more opportunities in college while I still could.  I became a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority and found some of my best friends, who are now also some of my best mommy-friends.

When I graduated, I wasn’t ready to stop being involved in AΣA. I began volunteering.  This allowed me to make even more friends with alumnae that went to different schools and were in all different phases of life.  It was not only a way to give back to the organization, but it was an opportunity for me to build on professional skills that I didn’t get at my day-job.

Still, I wanted to learn more so I could be better at my day-job as a corporate meeting planner.  I began volunteering for the local chapter of Meeting Professionals International, one of the leading hospitality professional networks. My position on the board of directors allowed me to build a network of relationships with several key industry contacts, which helps me immensely at my job.

After I became a mom, I found that my friends were scattered all over the area and “girls night out” soon disappeared off of our calendars.  I wanted to learn more from local moms about resources in my own neighborhood.

That is when I found Mothers & More, who had a local network of members that met at night so I could get there after work.  Though, even when I can’t get to a live, in-person meeting, the online resources still help me navigate my new life with a toddler.

I find volunteering for all of these organizations worthwhile because I want to be a part of the system that keeps them running, so that other people can have the same opportunities.

Volunteers are what makes organizations come alive. Some membership networks are generally small, sometimes having only one or two full-time staff in place. By volunteering for Mothers & More, I’ve not only met some amazing women, but I also gained more skills that I can apply to my professional life.

Even if you don’t think you have time, there is always an opportunity to give back to the organizations you love.  Even just an hour a month can help Mothers & More on an initiative they are trying to roll out.  Or if there is a skill you want to work on building, like writing or web development, there is a way to practice that through volunteering. To learn more about volunteering for Mothers & More, contact Andrea Babbit at

Krisy Golden is a mom to one toddler boy and one cat who thinks he’s people.  Krisy works outside of the home full time, but is an aspiring blogger and business owner.   Most nights she struggles with getting her picky toddler to eat, while fending off the cat from eating her dinner.

Krisy is the owner of, a consulting firm that serves both small business and individual clients with their marketing and graphic design needs.

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