When it comes to diapers, we’re all in it together, so to speak

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In this Mothers & More Blog we have Melissa Riske from DuPage Chap. No. 1 sharing her tale of how she was motivated to move on potty training due to the cost of diapers. She’s able to relate her personal story of diapers to the Mothers & More Diaper Drive where members are hosting diaper drives in communities across the country to collect diapers and distribute to organizations that help mothers in need. 

On the subject of diapers

By Melissa Riske

I remember the end so clearly. I lugged two large boxes of diapers from the car to the house. There were diapers for my 5-month-old infant and diapers for my 2 ½ year old toddler. Even buying generic diapers, which by the way worked really well, the cost of diapers was eating up my weekly grocery budget for our single income household.

Enough was enough.

I turned to my 2 ½ year old and told him, “This is the last box of diapers I’m buying you.”

And it was. Well, sort of. We went through a brief phase of pull-ups, which since they didn’t require fastening, didn’t seem like diapers to him. We used those briefly during the day until I realized it wasn’t enough. I had to switch him cold turkey to underwear during the day and use pull ups at night. Within three long months, and countless extra loads of laundry, he was completely dry during the day, wearing pull ups at night. It was success in my eyes. No more buying diapers.

Of course, I had entered another phase where I had to keep track/constantly remind this little person to use the bathroom.  As a busy mom of two young ones, I could barely remember the last time I had used the bathroom, and now I was his “bathroom conscious” trying to remind him to use the facilities and paying the price in extra laundry if I forgot.

Diapers aren’t cheap. Frankly they are quite expensive. I remember my husband and me trying to decide which diapers were the best in terms of cost. We tried different brands, searched for coupons and discounts and finally came to our conclusions.

Looking back, it’s funny to think about how many conversations I had regarding diapers and potty training with my Mothers & More friends.

I had been a newspaper reporter, pestering village managers for information, following up with police detectives as they sought answers to the latest cases. Now I was a mom, using my reporter skills to interview friends on their potty training methods. Looking back now, it is rather funny.

When I learned about the Mothers & More Diaper Drive I remember thinking “perfect.” I knew we’d be making a real impact for mothers in need. Our drive has been doing really well and it was exciting to see the pile of diapers, all brands and sizes, at our last Mothers Night Out event.

Moms who haven’t bought diapers in years remark the cost is still as high as they remember. Moms still buying diapers share their tips on which brands work the best.

It seems to bring everything full circle for me. The group who was there to support and offer encouragement and share techniques for toilet training is now there to support moms in need. As fellow Mothers & More member Jaclyn wrote in her blog, we moms are in it together. I’ve been the mom who’s forgotten her wipes and asked for a few. I’ve been there to share a diaper when someone’s diaper bag turns up empty.

Sounds silly, but at Mothers & More we are all mothers, so whether you need to vent, seek advice or just share a good laugh there is no shortage of friendly faces. It’s the idea that, we’ve all been there (Or we will soon be there.) It’s one of the reasons I love being a part of Mothers & More, we are mothers and so much more.

Melissa Riske is a mom to two young boys. She is a freelance writer, which means she posses the ability to interview people with a toddler on her lap and write stories during nap time.

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