Meet the Summerville, South Carolina Chapter of Mothers & More

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Mothers in the Summerville Chapter of Mothers & More, located just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, enjoy supporting each other and their community. Keri Scougale, who just finished her term as co-leader of the Summerville Chapter, tells us what makes this group of 30 moms so special. Learn more by visiting Summerville’s website and Facebook page.

Describe Summerville Chapter’s community of moms.

Our moms range from their older 20s to mid 40s and consist of stay-at-home moms, part-time working moms and full-time working moms. Most of our children are early elementary school age and below, but we do have some older kids as well. We cover a large spectrum of diversity but still remain a very tight group of women.  We support each other in many areas, and many times we see each other daily! Our lives are always overlapping in a wonderful way. In a group of 30 women, we are all very involved and very connected.

How are members involved in your chapter?

Our calendar is always full with 1-2 things each day, almost every day of the month! We have large play groups open to all, small age-specific play groups, moms nights out, community service projects, family gatherings, holiday parties, crafting group, workout group, and even dance classes for the kids. In particular, our chapter’s amount of community outreach is something we are all very proud of. In just the last year alone we have hosted two food drives, participated in the national Mothers & More Mother’s Day Campaign Diaper Drive, made multiple visits to a nursing home, prepared and served food at a local shelter and at the Ronald McDonald House, donated time and gifts to helping make 10 local children’s Christmas better by having gifts under their trees, and hosted a Nursing and Diaper Changing Station at our town’s biggest event of the year, the Summerville Annual Flowertown Festival.

I moved from Philadelphia to Summerville and became a wife, a mom and new resident all in the same year. It was a completely different lifestyle. A friend of mine was a member of Mothers & More and invited me to the Open House event, and then I attended the Halloween party and that sealed the deal. I found the chapter more valuable than I had originally thought it would be. The friends I have met through this group have become family. We’ve spent holidays with each other, and we’re always there for each other if we need anything. I have had some incredible experiences that I can’t get anywhere else.” ~ Keri Scougale, past co-leader of the Summerville Chapter of Mothers & More.

Describe a favorite event from last year.

One of our favorite events is our Vendor Party. This is such a great event because it helps so many moms in our area in many different ways. We look to support local women entrepreneurs by offering them the opportunity to be a vendor at our event. We offer great prizes for those who come with a food item to donate to the food bank, so it is also another way for us to give back. The event itself is a one-stop-shop for busy moms (or dads, or anyone) right before the winter holidays where they can come in and purchase gifts from a variety of local businesses. We are able to support small businesses and attractions in the area, while our shoppers get a great deal for a variety of items. We even have a Kid Zone for the little ones to play in after the moms have finished their shopping. Our chapter is looking forward to continuing to grow and expand this event!

How do volunteers make an impact in your chapter?

Our volunteers are the backbone of our chapter. The calendar of events that we have that sets us apart from other “Mom Groups’” in the area would not be possible without our members volunteering to host. The same goes for our community outreach opportunities. The quality of our members is where we thrive, not the quantity, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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