The Mom Behind The Mothers & More Expo

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Honey Dews Baby Expo is a partner with the Mothers & More Online Expo: Mothers’ Time Matters. For Kristal Ronnebaum, founder of Honey Dews Baby Expo, the Online Expo is a personal passion, inspired out of love for her son. Kristal has been the leading inspiration behind the Mothers & More Online Expo, taking great care to ensure that every participating speaker and vendor offers something that pampers, celebrates, educates, motivates, and inspires mothers. Her touch is also evident in designing a “venue” that is intimate and supportive. Kristal found close friends and mentors through Mothers & More, received support that was “life altering,” and is now passionate about helping other moms to find their communities.

Interview with Kristal Ronnebaum, founder of Honey Dews Baby Expo:

What inspired you to start Honey Dews Baby Expo?

Standing in my son’s nursery and becoming a mom later in life I realized we need more support for new moms. Having a child is my greatest experience and I wanted to help other new moms learn what they need to know. There are Bridal Expos all year but no Baby Expos, and Kansas City deserved to have this. I wanted a day of pampering, education and celebration for moms. I wanted to do it, never worried about it, and seven months later held the first Honey Dews Baby Expo. It was a close and intimate event where we showcased the true gems of Kansas City to help the families in one convenient and beautiful location. The second year it doubled in size to 300 people, and this year Honey Dews partnered with Omaha’s Baby Love Essentials and renamed it Baby Love ~ Kansas City’s Only Baby Fair. It requires a lot of faith to see it grow and change as we serve more moms.

Where did the idea for the Mothers & More Online Expo come from?

In a coffeeshop! I met with Jill Gaikowski, Executive Director of Mothers & More, and we talked about having an online expo so that moms could attend at their leisure, on their schedule. We (moms) want to have it all and our time is extremely important. I was already a member of Mothers & More at that time.

How has being a member of Mothers & More impacted you?

I have always wanted to be connected with my girls. After my son was born, I realized the importance of being connected with moms who are always supportive. I surround myself with like-minded, strong, supportive people, and not judgment or criticism. There’s too much of that. I found my people there (the Johnson County Chapter of Mothers & More). The members were mentors for me and their support was life altering.

What advice do you have for other mom entrepreneurs?

Some people wait for that lightning moment… if that moment hits, follow it with every bit of soul and hard work that you have. Later on, it might look completely different than you imagined.  Just keep following in that direction, use your talents and skills and don’t worry. Don’t focus on self-doubt (we all have those voices in our heads – myself included). Focus on the positive.

There is a lot about self-care at the Expo. How do you take care of yourself?

It’s the biggest thing I preach, but I forget to take care of myself. We need to be conscious to do it. We go in so many directions and have access to so much information, I always have to remind myself. Time with girlfriends, time with family, and soon I’m taking off work on my birthday for a spa day where there will be no interruptions!

Kristal Ronnebaum lives with her husband and son and they are expecting another child this year. She is an active member of the Johnson County, KS Chapter of Mothers & More. You can learn more about Honey Dews Baby Expo by visiting

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