Thankful for Discovering the Wonderful Women at Mothers & More

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We are so thankful for the support and friendship that our chapters offer mothers. Diane Homza-Dacek, member of three years, shares why she is so grateful for her village of moms in Cleveland, Ohio.

I was 36 when I had my son. This was completely by choice; my husband and I met in our late twenties and wanted to be married at least five years before we contemplated having children. As such, I was one of the last of my group of friends to have a child. On the plus side, this meant we got everyone’s hand-me-downs that their children had long outgrown. On the downside, it meant that my friends were well past the stages we were going through. Distance and schedules made it difficult to actually get together much, with or without our families.

I originally joined Mothers & More for my son. After his birth, my husband and I agreed that one child would be enough, and I wanted to find a playgroup he could become a part of. What made this tricky is that after my maternity leave was over, I went back to work full time outside of our home. Most of the moms groups I was finding were geared towards the full time stay-at-home mom, with only weekday, daytime activities. Mothers & More sounded like it would be inclusive for someone doing the work and family balancing act like I had chosen. But I didn’t need it for me, I thought, I was doing this for my son.

I’ve stayed a member of Mothers & More because I realized over the past few years, I did need it for me. I was told early on that the name Mothers & More wasn’t just a name, the group really was about the “more” – we are mothers, and that is important, but it’s not our only identity. There are plenty of events for our kids, but just as many for us, too, because our group understands the need for mom to get out of the house without the kids in tow.

I cherish these new friendships I’ve made and this village that I’m now a part of. We come from different backgrounds, we have differing parenting philosophies, but it doesn’t hinder the unity of our group. If anything, it allows us to hear different perspectives that we may have never considered before. We vent our frustrations to each other, knowing we won’t be judged for it. We go to each other seeking advice, and not just about our children. Our children become friends and our spouses get to know each other. We laugh together. We drink wine together. We have fun together. We support each other.

Becoming a mother changed my life in so many ways. I’m so thankful that one of the best ways it changed was discovering the wonderful women of Mothers & More.

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