Thanks for listening

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“Did you turn on your listening ears” is a common phrase around my house. My husband started using it, no doubt after hearing it from his mom, a teacher by trade. These days it seems my boys seem to have their listening ears switched to off, as they are content to ignore my requests, pleas, yells and occasional screams. Every task I seem to repeat myself, over and over again.

Wash your hands. Did you wash your hands? Why don’t you wash your hands so we can eat? For the love of all that is holy go to the sink and wash those filthy hands.

And that is just for a snack break.

I used to think I had a soft voice. I hear it on video and it seems so quiet, and girl like. But then pushed to the brink of near insanity on a daily basis it seems I’ve acquired a pretty good yell. Still, they don’t listen.

Put your seat belt on. This car isn’t moving until you put on your seat belt. Did I hear that seat belt click? Put it on…NOW!

I know kids don’t listen to their parents. I get that. But I didn’t realize it started when they are so young.  I mean, I thought that was a pre-teen thing, not a preschool (and younger) phase.

Sometimes, rather than yell or repeat, I simply leave the room, wondering if they will notice the food prep ceased. Sometimes, they do come and seek. Sometimes they continue right on playing oblivious to my requests, demands.

Maybe that’s one more reason why I love Mothers & More. I love going to any event, from Mom Nights Out, to scrapbooking to the fun venting/laughing event where whoever is willing/able leaves their home, meets at a local coffee shop to chat on whatever is on her mind.  I love when I see my fellow Mothers & More friends and I get a chance to talk and be heard. I can listen. I can vent, laugh and learn too.

When we get together, there is that bond, that understanding that exists as we share our trials, triumphs and of course the latest story of complete embarrassment.

And I know when we sit down to snack or indulge in a coffee or hot coco, everyone has already washed their hands. Yup, and no one had to tell them either.

Melissa Riske is a member of the DuPage chapter of Mothers & More and in between raising two preschool-age boys and attempting to clean her home she is a freelance writer who sneaks in bites of chocolate when her children aren’t watching. 

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