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How to get rid of Bingo Wings?

Are you looking to get rid of nagging bingo wings? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Located in the same area as the tricep muscles, bingo wings are the sagging underarm fat that many women, and some men, struggle with. Bingo wings are commonly found in older women or those with a higher body fat percentage. This fatty area can deal a hefty blow to one’s ego and self-confidence. That’s why we’re here with a guide on how to get rid of bingo wings!

It’s essential to recognize that bingo wings can not be “spot reduced.” The idea of spot-reducing fat or “toning” one area has been proven false and is not backed by scientific studies. In this article, we’ll show you how to effectively utilize a combination of exercise, diet, and activity to encourage the fat loss needed to get rid of bingo wings.

Top 5 Exercises to help with Bingo Wings

Do you want to target nagging bingo wings in the gym? Then, check out these top five exercises used to strengthen the upper body, tighten the arms, and get rid of bingo wings! 

1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are an effective exercise to target bingo wings. A full-body exercise, push-ups can be done anywhere without needing any equipment. There are also plenty of variations of push-ups like incline push-ups, weighted push-ups, and triangle, also called diamond, push-ups, to consider in terms of engaging and strengthening the upper body to help get rid of bingo wings. 

2. Tricep Extensions

Tricep extensions offer a variety of modifications that can use dumbbells, cables, and curl bars to change resistance when hitting the triceps. 

Concerning bingo wings, this area is located in the same area as the triceps. Commonly found in women, bingo wings can be reduced and/or eliminated through diet and exercise. 

By training the triceps through exercises like tricep extensions, you are aiding your goal of getting rid of bingo wings. How? By tightening the area to prevent sagging skin through strength training the triceps. 

3. Bent-Over Row with Neutral Grip

Though the bent-over row with a neutral grip primarily targets the latissimus dorsi, or lat, muscles, this exercise also engages the back of the arms or triceps.

This exercise is often completed using dumbbells due to the accessibility needed for the movement in a neutral grip position. Still, a bent-over row with a neutral grip can also be achieved using other pieces of exercise equipment. Landmine rows using a t-bar or single-arm modification are other significant changes of this effective movement. There are other modifications to this movement that can be done using a cable machine as well!

5. Standing Dumbbell Y-Raises

A standing dumbbell y-raise is different from a lying dumbbell raise in that they target other muscles. 

The standing dumbbell y-raise mainly targets the shoulders and the triceps where bingo wings lie. This exercise engages upper body muscles like the deltoids, biceps, and triceps to help target the arms as a whole for a toned and aesthetic look. 

5. Military Press

Targeting the deltoids, triceps, and biceps, the military press is an all-around great upper body exercise that can be used to get rid of bingo wings by strengthening the arms. A military press is often completed with dumbbells or a barbell to encourage progressive overload and continual progress in and out of the gym. 

The Importance of Diet 

Without a proper diet, you may not have the best results in the gym when trying to target bingo wings. And why is that?

Initially, you may find some progress in your efforts to add exercise to your weekly routine. 

This is due to an increase in energy expenditure (think calories expended through exercise or being more active), which then encourages a caloric deficit (the number of calories below your TDEE, or total daily energy expenditure) needed for fat loss. 

This may only last for so long, hence the importance of diet. In this case, “diet” does not refer to weight loss trends like keto, weight loss teas, etc. “Diet” refers to what foods you are eating. When aiming for “fat loss,” which is needed to get rid of bingo wings, a person must be in a caloric deficit. In regards to fitness, this is, in the majority, done by combining a caloric deficit with increased caloric expenditure through strength training or other forms of exercise. 

To indeed “target” bingo wings, it is highly recommended to combine these two methods. As always, if there are any questions or concerns, consult with your doctor or a certified personal trainer to address bingo wings more in-depth with the guidance of a professional. 

The Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

As discussed above, an active lifestyle should be combined with a quality diet to obtain the best results in getting rid of bingo wings. 

An active lifestyle is often promoted due to its vast benefits like decreased risk of disease, increased strength in the bones and muscles, weight management, and more. However, exercising at home or the gym increases your daily energy expenditure needed, combined with a caloric deficit, to lose fat. This is how you will successfully get rid of bingo wings! 

Final Thoughts

Dealing with nagging bingo wings can be incredibly uncomfortable and damage one’s self-confidence. That’s where this article comes in!

From the top five exercises to target bingo wings to the importance of diet and an active lifestyle, we’ve discussed how to get rid of bingo wings once and for all successfully. Add these exercises to your weekly routine, performing these engaging movements anywhere from 2-4 times a week for the best results. Make sure to challenge yourself, be disciplined, and ensure your diet is up to par, and those undesirable bingo wings will be out of your way for good! 

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