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8 Luxury Push Present Ideas That Your Partner Will Love!

While moms get the gift of their baby after an agonizing labor, some also get treated to a luxury push present from their partner. Here are eight ideas to consider if shopping for a luxury push gift is in your future.

  1. Diamond Anything!

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend! You can’t go wrong with diamonds, whether it’s a diamond bracelet, earrings, ring, or necklace. 

When shopping for your partner, be sensible about your diamond of choice. If she never wears or doesn’t like bracelets, opt for earrings, rings, or necklaces. Whatever you choose, think Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Harry & Winston, etc. Basically, go big or go home!

  1. Designer Shoes

If she’s always wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks, these could be the perfect fit for a luxury push present. Having that one pair of designer shoes can give your partner the feel-good boost she needs after birthing your baby. If these shoes have been on her bucket list, chances are she has the style and color bookmarked. All you need to do is ask. No element of surprise is needed here!

  1. Designer Handbag

Gucci, Louis Vitton, Chanel…you can’t go wrong with any of these brands if you’re considering buying a designer purse as a luxury push present. These are likely bags your partner wouldn’t splurge on but always wanted to. The great thing about this gift is that it’s not only a luxury gift but also something she will use regularly. So, if your partner is all about functional gifts, it may be time to start looking at those designer bags.

  1. New Jacuzzi

Giving birth and caring for a newborn takes its toll on the body. Having a new jacuzzi at home can give your partner the relaxation she needs. Let’s be honest. This can be a gift for you too! Taking care of a newborn is demanding on everyone in the house.

With its soothing jets, your partner can take some “me time” in the comfort of her own home anytime she has a free minute. This gift keeps on giving because jacuzzis last a long time, so it’s one of the gifts you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

  1. Rolex or Other Designer Watch

She’ll always know what time it is with a luxury watch like a Rolex. These watches keep their value and can be passed down through the generations. Some people also choose to engrave the watch for an added touch. These watches can be worn for special occasions or daily.

Watches are a popular luxury push present. Fun fact…actress Jessica Alba received a $54,000 Franck Muller watch when she gave birth to her second child!

  1. New Car

A new car can be the ultimate luxury push present. Have her new ride in the driveway when you get home from the hospital. Whether it’s a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, or another car of her choosing, a new car can leave other push presents in the dust.

  1. Gemstone Jewelry

While it may not be as exciting as a new car, gemstone jewelry is another solid option for a luxury push present. You can get creative and personal, using your baby’s birthstone and hers to create a pendant, bracelet, or ring. Add some 14K gold to the piece of jewelry for a special touch. This can be a wonderful keepsake that she’ll have for a lifetime. 

  1. A Trip Away

Although a tropical escape may not be immediately possible, knowing it is on the horizon can give your partner something to look forward to between the diaper changes and feedings. Perhaps a trip to an island, exotic location, or destination you know she’s always wanted to visit would make a great luxury push present. This is another gift that could be one you could benefit from too.


How much should you spend on a luxury push present?

The easy answer is as much as you want. Everyone has a different budget. Some people spend hundreds, and others spend thousands. Do what you can afford and what feels right.

What are some things to avoid when buying luxury push presents?

Don’t give a gift for the baby as a push present for your partner, like an expensive stroller. The gift should be for your partner to enjoy herself. 

Also, give something you know she’ll use or like. Nothing is worse than giving a gift and getting a negative reaction.

What is the best way to shop for a luxury push present?

You don’t necessarily need to surprise your partner. If she knows what she wants, tells you, and you want to buy it, there’s nothing wrong with that! 

If she doesn’t give you subtle hints, think about what she enjoys the most and go that route. You can always save the receipt if you have any doubts!

Final Thoughts

From handbags to designer shoes and diamonds, there’s something for every new mom when it comes to luxury push present ideas. Surprise her or go off her recommendations to make it a push present she won’t soon forget!

Kristina Cappetta

Kristina is a freelance writer with more than 20 years of experience. She has a journalism background as a former TV news producer and has contributed to numerous online parenting platforms. As a mother of two, she brings her personal experience to her parenting writing.

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